Rodbourne Remembers

Red poppies hang on individual strings above chairs positioned in concentric circles. Some of the chairs are occupied by perspex figures.

Poppies hang above life-size silhouettes of soldiers. St Augustine’s Church, November 2018


The Rodbourne Community History Group and St Augustine’s Church worked together between 2014 and 2018. In November 2018 we staged an exhibition and installation of poppies to honour the Rodbourne residents who died in the First World War.

1300 poppies were hung through the church, with each poppy representing nearly 700 soldiers from the UK who made the ultimate sacrifice. Most of the poppies were made by the pupils of Even Swindon School.

Many people visited the church to see the wonderful display of poppies, the 10 There but not There silhouettes of soldiers and the Memory Wall which commemorated the soldiers who lived in Rodbourne, showing some of their individual stories.

The Rodbourne Remembers Facebook page continues to commemorate Rodbourne residents who died serving in the armed forces during the 1st World War.

Red knitted poppies flow down the font

St Augustine’s font overflowed with knitted poppies. November 2018.