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Percy Street Wesleyan Chapel


Percy Street Chapel

The third publication produced by the RCHG traces the history of the Percy Street Wesleyan Chapel from it’s dedication in 1879 to it’s demise when the congregation moved to the Rodbourne Methodist Church in 1955. Containing the original building plans, photographs and extracts from the Register of Marriages it gives an insight into one section of the religious life of Rodbourne.

We have four reprinted copies of this booklet available for £4 each (plus £1.50 postage & packing)

Tale of Two Schools


Tale of Two Schools

Our second book, published in 2007, plotted the history of the two schools in Rodbourne, namely Even Swindon and Jennings Street from 1879 to 2007 when Even Swindon Infants moved into new premises. Packed full of photographs old and new, school records and pupils memories past and present it paints a vivid picture of school life through the ages.
Whether you attended either school or not there is something to bring back memories of your school life.

Despite protests from local residents and Swindon Civic Voice the Even Swindon School buildings were demolished in 2013. This makes the book even more poignant with it’s photos and memories.

Buy this book now for £3.00 each or get 2 copies for £5 ( + £1.50 postage & packaging)

Walk Down the Lane


Walk Down The Lane

This was our first book published in 2006. It takes you on a journey through time down Rodbourne’s shopping centre called “The Lane” located in Rodbourne Road. Butchers, Bakers, Grocers, Fishmongers, Public Houses, Clubs & even Reading Rooms are just some of the establishments featured. Using photos, maps, and Rodbournite’s memories the book is a must for residents of Rodbourne past and present or for any one interested in local history.

This book is out of print but if you’d be interested in a copy please let us know

Between the Bridges


This hard back book was published in 2017 and is written by our Newsletter Editor David Lewis.

Consisting of 263 pages this publication is made up of articles from national and local newspapers from the mid 1800’s up until the 1940’s.They are transcribed as printed, so you get a taste of how reporters and papers chronicled life in those early years. Included are photographs and plans from our extensive Archive illustrating street by street the rich life in Rodbourne during those years.

This book is out of print but if you’d be interested in a copy please let us know