Group Photo info – ?,?,?,/,?,?,?,?,?, George Ewart Hobbs holding the what we believe is a large bible, ?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?.
Agnes Ann Thomas, ?,?,?,?, Henry Hobbs, ?, ?,?,?,?.
?,?, John Thomas, ?,?,?,?.

ID Number – 025

Image No – img753

Subject – Percy Street Wesleyan Church Band of Hope

Date – circa 1899 – 1905

Donor – FieldPeter

Street – Montagu Street

Location – ? Grounds of Cellular Clothing Factory

Factory – Cellular Clothing

Church/Chapel – Percy Street Wesleyan Chapel

Group Activity – Church Photo

Additional Info – Possibly Field where Cellular Clothing Factory was built with houses in Montague Street under Construction in the background. Henry Hobbs (Engine Fitter? GWR Works) John Thomas (Fireman in GWR Rolling Mills, born Abergavenny) George would later marry Agnes