ID Number – 1460

Image No – img1775

Subject – Ken Sturmey’s Order of the Secret Monitor

Date – ?

Donor – AllenSandra

Street – Outside Rodbourne

Location – ?

Additional Information – This was a bit of a mystery until recently. It is in fact the jewel of the Order of the Secret Monitor or to give it its full title “The Order of the Secret Monitor, or Brotherhood of David and Jonathan, in the British Isles and its Districts and Conclaves Overseas”. This is one of a number of organisations¬† within Masonry. We have confirmed that Ken was a Mason and attended the Gooch Lodge in Swindon named after Sir Daniel Gooch the first Locomotive Superintendent of the Great Western Railway Works in Swindon and MP for Cricklade.

For more information on the Order of the Secret Monitor please click on MONITOR then when page opens select “Order of the Secret Monitor or the Brotherhood of David and Jonathon – History and Origin”