ID Number – 1463

Image No – img1779

Subject – Ken Sturmey’s inside cover of the book “SAS with the Maquis”

Date – 1995

Donor – AllenSandra


Location – Morvan, France

Additional Information – Inside Cover of the book “SAS with the Maquis” by Ian Wellsted signed by the author. ” To:- Ken   With happy memories of those months in the wild wet woods of the Morvan. Get well soon   Best Wishes Ian Wellsted “. 

Ian was Ken Sturmeys’ commanding Officer in A Squadron, 1st SAS Regiment during “Operation Houndsworth”. Ken took part in raids on railway marshaling yards etc to cause disruption to German transport lines during the Normandy offensive.

For more information regarding “Operation Houndsworth” click on HOUNDSWORTH and on JOHN DRAY to see Ken’s exploits with his mate Arthur Dray

There is a sad note to this item as Ian Wellsted’s signed “Get Well Soon” must refer to Ken being ill and in fact Ken sadly died in the same year.