We have been given this memory of Rodbourne by Mr Kim Herron.

“In 1948 my father bought a small holding at 30, Stone Lane, Lydiard Millicent. It was a bit primative having horse drawn impliments and a cart.
One of his vegetable delivery rounds was Rodbourne on Fridays. On this particular one at the end of the round Dad stopped off at a newsagents to buy my Eagle, Beano and Dandy comics (I was only 11), he was running late and left Mum on the cart. Polly, the horse, decided that it was the time to go home so started off. Dad just managed to clamber aboard before the vehicle reached full speed.
All along Rodbourne Road just as the GWR emptied, under the Rodbourne Road bridge potatoes, cabbages, onions etc. shooting off everywhere. Pedestrians had to get out of the way of this charging horse and cart. Then around the island opposite the Co-op into Westcott Place where some weights flew off nearly killing a cyclist. Then past Westcott Rec. , under the two railway bridges into the Shaw Road where Polly slowed down, gather she was made to keep up the fast pace till home.
After that they upgraded to a lorry and “Fergie” tractor (Ferguson was the manufacturer) – but no horse.”
Great story Kim. Can anyone do better?