I was born in the front bedroom of 68 Redcliffe Street in 1956,My father was in the rail works and was a big player in the local skittles scene, he had an allotment down barnfield, and he loved to go fishing on a Sunday with the golden carp !

My gran, (dads mum ) lived at 17 Drew Street until her death, and my uncle continued living there until his death, thus ending the Hinton chain there !

My memories of Rodbourne are of community, and everyone working together,all dominated by the rail works.

We used to go to Martins farm, where I spent many hours with Mr Martin sat on meal sacks and helping with the cows.

My auntie worked in WD & HO Wills in Colbourne st, she now lives down Rodbourne Rd, I have very fond memories of Rodbourne and the fun we had as kids, we couldnt do anything wrong as everyone knew who we were !

I do hope Rodbourne has not lost its sense of community.