My name is Maurice Jones and I have just received, from my sister Christine Gunning who lives in Morris St, a copy of your wonderful publication, Walk Down The Lane. It brought back so many happy memories that it was like living there again. My only disappointment, if you can call it that, was to see so little written about some of the oldest houses and some of the oldest families to live down the lane. I am of course referring to the numbers 20 to 32. I know they are gone now but they should in no way be forgotten. I was born in number 25 in 1935 and in 1946 moved with my family to my grandmothers house at number 28. My grandmother, Alice Mathews, and my grandfather, Ernest Mathews, had lived there since the late 1800s. My Mother, Florence Jones, nee, Mathews, having been born there in 1898. Next door at number 27 was my grandmothers sister Maggie Meader. She also had another sister, Mary Jane Winkless living in Charles St. When I left to live in New Zealand my mother still lived at number 28, her sister, Alice Frogatt lived in Charles St another sister, Olive Clements lived in Hawkins St and her brother, Cyril Mathews, lived in the council houses opposite the parish hall.

I thank you very much for reminding me of many of the wonderful people that I was privileged to have lived with down the lane. To name but a few who I can say I knew well. Pete Witts. John Ing. Doris Hall. Doris Nash. Mr Higgs. Mr Jackson. Sheila Pullen. old Ben Higgs and so many others. As the old saying goes, You can take the boy out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the boy. I shall always be a Rodbournite. Thanks for the Memories. Kindest regards Maurice Jones.