I was born at 2 Charles St one of 8 children,started school at Even Swindon Infant School,then to the Juniors,The Head Master was mr Masiey,I went to his house once a week to clean his push Bike I Used to take the Goal post on our boggie push cart to the Rec by the Gas Tanks, Then onto Jennings St School Head master was Jamie Davies and his deputy was Mrs Grifiths,on Saturdays I would go to Mr Smith,s house in Westlecot Rd The Science Teacher to do his gardening,I can still remember his car parked in Jennings St with a dial on the radiator, I had to vist Mr Philips for the cane on more than one occasion He called it is friend for little children,he was our history teacher. I can still remember the caretaker and the boiler house,I moved back to live in Jennings St After marring the wife,I ran my Building buisness in a yard behind the Morris St Community Hall,Now living at Vicarage rd, I feel I was born and bred a true Rodbouneite and proud of it,,,Ron Jennings