My parents Sid & Doris Hulbert lived in two houses in Rodbourne in the 1920’s / 1930’s but I’m afraid I can’t remember the streets or house numbers.

My sister Joyce attended Jennings Street School and had a friend named Elsie Herbert who lived with her Grandmother.

My Dad worked for a firm named Robinsons, he drove a van selling fish, poultry and would skin a rabbit at the customer’s request.

Mum was told not long after she moved that she had a double, living a few streets away. When she joined a skittle club the lady was also there, named Mrs. Hacker. I believe her family consisted of several children and in later years they moved to an off license in the Henry Street area.

Mum was also friendly with Charlie and Nance Froud. They ran a Working Men’s Club in Rodbourne for many years.

Dad’s Sister married Frank Webb. He lived with his parents at 40, Morris Street and later at 96, Rodbourne Road until he married.. Vera and Frank lived in Bruce Street until the 1970’s.

Gerald my husband also had relatives in Rodbourne; his Aunt Flo married Peter Broderstad’ they ran a Grocers shop in Groves Street. Peter came from Norway. They had five daughters, one of which was Meg now living at Purton and one son. Two of the girls joined the land army in the Second World War.