Hello. My Nan (Hetty Hurdle) and my Grandad (Jack Hurdle) lived at number 88 Morris Street, they lived their from when it was first built. My Mum before she was married (Joy Hurdle) lived their too. She is married to Andy LePoidevin the watercolour artist who had the Marlborough Studio Art Gallery. 88 Morris Street is the semi detached red brick house down the bottom of Morris Street before the recreation ground on the right hand side, we have pictures of the area before any of the new houses were built and there was a farm called Martins behind, with a pond, ducks, geese, chickens, sheep, pigs and cows. I remember visiting the farm animals when i was a child we have pictures of Morris Street when it was tree lined and very attractive. I can access some photos when I visit my Mum in Purton at some point in the future, i live in Scotland.