Hello.I lived in Wootton Bassett but spent most of my weekends at my Nan and Gramps at 46 Summers St.My dad is Ken Buckland who along with his sister Shirley are mentioned in previous letters.Dad is now 82,along with my mum still living in Wootton Bassett.Shirley Griffiths(Buckland)lives in Common Platt Purton.I hope to find time to attend a meeting in the near future.The Howlett family are of interest to me as my Great Grandmother was Annie Howlett,who married Thomas Ralph Buckland and they lived at 69 Summers st.In fact,the Bucklands and the Howletts lived in Morris st,Morrison st,Redcliffe st and Summers st.I look forward to learning and sharing with the group.I have a few photographs that may be of interest.
My personal memories are more recent from the early sixties,living in Bassett but weekends at 46 Summers St-Faggots from the lane in Greaseproof paper,sweets from the corner shop in Summers St-Barnetts?My nan was Gwen Buckland and Tom my Gramp.Nan worked in the shirt factory and gramp and my Dad were in the railway.When the hooter went nan would put the kettle and dinner on.Happy days