Hello. I am very jealous of your website as living close to Rodbourne, but not in it, I know a lot of the names.
Friends are Pauline Offer (was), Jean Dixon and Kay Unsworth. I hope Jean will not mind my mentioning her mother’s tragic accident at the top of Bruce Street, when a lorry cut off her bike, not realising she was continuing round the bend while he turned left. Loss of a very lovely person..
Kay went the U.S, married at 16 at the Baptist Tabernacle. Several people hoped to contact her and I just came across an Obituary for her husband, so she is still living in Louisiana. Her maiden name was given as something else.

Oh, and my great uncle and aunt, Jack and Dais Cumner lived at the top of Bruce Street!
Spent many many hours waiting at the Bruce Street bus stop in an effort to get to Headlands, which was miles away. Pat McGinnis the cobbler lived opposite, his daughter Diane also went to the USA. He was great friends with lots of Burderop personnel. The Terminus cafe was there but we never actually saw anyone in it…
Any advice I can get as to building a website like this for other areas of Swindon would be greatly appreciated, especially as I see from the internet that not only memories, but half the actual buildings are being consigned to history!