My Gran bought me into this world April 1943. And I’ve just found this site,yes I’m an old Rodbourneite,although Move out 58,but as said you can leave Rodbourne but it in your blood, me 9 Charles street Gran Mrs Edmonds,mum Ivy Wilson dad killed in war at Arnhem Holland & is in war cemetery in Oosterbeek,but that never stopped me growing up & enjoying life in Rodbourne Even Swindon then Jennings St. Schools where mum,aunts uncles went, St Augustine church Cubs & scout (7th Swindon own) even the army cadets,not to forget the Palladium, Mannington rec, the shops choice of chip shops It was a village in town, old sayings where going on holiday, Purton pebbley beach, there were treacle mines, or snuff quarries there, that’s what we were told as kids?as I’ve seen here names I know & grew op with Ron Jennings, Christin Jones, went to school & knocked about with them, like one big family,the Rodbourne Rockets cycle speed way, always football down the rec, swimming in the river Ray??no laptop,mobile phones how did we survive, school holidays Wednesday afternoon going round the works, or walking across the fields to Lydiard Manor, before it was done up,can’t do it now Housing estates or get a bus!!! Or go fishing at Saddler lake,that brings me up to date my last place I worked it was drained & used as landfill all soil from Thamesdown Drive was tipped there for topping out I retired from working for the council 20yrs 2005 early 62, now in full time retirement, All the best, as I’ve been call Rodbourne Sewer Rat, joys of living near the sewer farm.