I was born at 49 Redcliffe Street in 1947 and about 1952 we moved to 34 Montague Street were I lived until 1965 when I joined the WRAF. My father, Ken Compton, worked for the railways in I think G Shop.  My mother, Violet, worked as a receptionist for a hairdresser opposite the town hall. Before I left for the WRAF I worked as a clerk for either Rentaset or Radio Rentals in Percy Street. Not sure of the correct name.
I remember quite a bit about my childhood.  Climbing the vicarage walls, playing ball games against the Shirt Factory wall, climbing trees. swinging across the River Ray and playing cricket in the street (I broke a window).  Sadly I have no photos of the school trip to switzerland.  I know I had a box camera at the time but can’t remember if I took any pictures of the trip or if they were damaged/lost later.