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Class 5 photo, Even Swindon School

Group Photo info – From left front row. Emma Townsend,Vicky Glover, Kim Gregg?, Emma Soffe, Mrs. Siebert, Sandra Townsend, Natalie Bird, Melanie Tuck, Ellen ?
2nd row. Heidi Lawrence, Peter Fry, Justine Mellows, ?, Sarah Davis, ?, Mark Pitts,  Claire Robinson
3rd row. Chris Fox, ?,?,Malcolm Watkins, Derek Fielding, Dwayne Dellitt, Lee Iles, Simon Cain, David Bond
Back row. ?, Ian Appleby, ?, Gareth Diamond, others unknown

ID Number – 389

Image No – img093

Subject – Class 5 photo

Date – 1981

Donor – ApplebyDelcia

Street – Hughes Street

Location – Even Swindon Junior School

Group Activity – School Photo, Class Photo

10 Responses to “Class 5 photo, Even Swindon School”

  • emma soffe:

    Group Photo info – From left front row. Emma Townsend, Vicky Glover, Kim , Emma Soffe, Mrs Siebert, ? ,Natalie Bird, Melanie Tuck, Ellen
    2nd row. Heidi Lawrence, Peter Fry, Justin Mellows, ? , Sara Davis, ? , Mark Pitts, Claire Robinson
    3rd row. Chris Fox, ?,?,Malcolm Watkins, Derek Fielding, Dwayne Dellitt, Lee Iles, ? , David Bond
    Back row. ?, Ian Appleby, ? , ? , ?

  • Re: Even Swindon School picture of class 5, ID number 389, Image No img093 – I’m actually in the picture – as you look at the picture, I’m on the front row, sitting next to the teacher. My name then was Sandra Townsend.

  • gordy:

    Thanks for the info. Photo caption has been corrected.

  • stuart bird:

    Kim in front row is Kim Diamond I believe. Her brother Gareth Diamond is in the very top back row 4th from left. Their dad was a Policeman and they lived in Montague Street. Simon Cain is the one with the glasses in between lee illes and david bond. My sister is Natalie Bird in front row, how I’m aware of others.

  • stuart bird:

    Maybe wrong with Kim assumption, believe others are correct. Thinking now Gareth Diamond’s sister was called Gina? not the same age as Gareth.

  • gordy:

    Thanks Stuart for the clarification on the identity of pupils. The information regarding Gareth & Gina Diamond’s Dad being a policemen is just the kind of information we need. I’ve corrected the photo caption but left a ? against Gina Diamond as you are not 100% sure of her Christian name.

  • emma soffe:

    I believe the girl front row third from the left is actually Kim Gregg and I think she lived on Rodbourne road and she was not Gareths sister!

  • emma soffe:

    also …. 2nd row should be: Heidi Lawrence, Peter Fry, Justine Mellows,?,Sara Davis,?,Mark Pitts, Claire Robinson
    and back row far right…Wayne Higgs??

  • gordy:

    Thanks Emma for your comments. This certainly is a lively debate about the front row. I’ve revised Kim’s identity but maybe Stuart could respond if he doesn’t agree.
    Regarding the 2nd row Emma, an apology by e mail is on it’s way to you as I have discovered on the back end of the site an unpublished comment of yours dated 30/06/2010 which I obviously used to correct names at that time but made an error which you have again pointed out. I suppose this is a lesson to all administrators. Publish all comments other than racist, ones which may give offense, and foul language.

  • Stuart Bird:

    Just found this online. I did not make previous comments under my name. My sister is in this picture, she is 3 years older than me so although I know some of those in the picture not sure on all. I know Gina diamond was Gareth sister as she was in my year. I’ve never heard of kim gregg

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