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Jenning Street School Reunion

Group Photo Info –  L/R : Christine Gail, Richard Pracey, Angela Bendal, Julie Howe, Sue Instan, Janet Hobbs, Dave Crocker, Beryl Warburton nee Maisey, Christopher Webber, Jen Mead, Lynda Luker, Susan Pracey nee White, Geoff Davies, Bill Taylor, Sandra Marron, Kenneth Selby, Jean Holder & Geoff Fletcher.

ID Number – 1276

Image No – img645

Subject – School reunion group photo

Date – December 2011

Donor – WarburtonBeryl

Street – Outside Rodbourne

Location – Messenger Public House, Covingham

Cast of the Blind Beggar School Play, Even Swindon School

Group Photo Info – Back Row – L/R : Mary Berry, Susan Turner, Maureen Baycroft, Beryl Maisey, Christine Gail, Glenys Baycroft, Loraine Peart, Jean Holder, Joy, Weaving & Elizabeth Morgan.

3rd Row – L/R: Patricia McCleary, Josie Titcombe, Sandra Marron, Doreen Hall, Lynda Lucker, Christine Godsell, Patricia Woodward, Lee Gunter, Beryl Savin & Christine Meadows.

2nd Row – L/R: Christopher Webber, David Crocker, Victor Clements, Leslie Watts, Geoff Davis, ? & Roy English.

Front Row – L/R: Richard Goodchild, David Richardson, Colin Sutton, Geoff Fletcher, Maurice Lampard, Martin Bennett, Michael Wicks & Kenneth Selby.

ID Number – 1275

Image No – img643

Subject – Cast of Blind Beggar School Play

Date – 23rd March 1956

Donor – WarburtonBeryl

Street – Rodbourne Road

Location – St Augustine’s Church Hall

School – Even Swindon Junior School

Beryl Maisey outside Jennings Street School

ID Number – 1268

Image No – img629

Subject – Beryl Maisey

Date – circa 1958

Donor – WarburtonBeryl

Street – Jennings Street

Location -In front of school railings

School – Jennings Street School

Beryl Maisey

ID Number – 1267

Image No – img627

Subject – Beryl Maisey

Date – 1953

Donor – WarburtonBeryl

Street – Jennings Street

Location – ?

School – Jennings Street School

Rip Van Winkle School Play, Jennings Street School

Group Photo Info – Group on Right: L/R  ?, ?, Jean Brophy nee Cooke, Den Gyatt (sitting at front), Lional Grace (sitting next to Jean), Others unknown

ID Number – 439

Image No – img142

Subject – School Play

Date – circa 1938

Donor – BrophyJean

Street – Jennings Street

Location – School Stage

School – Jennings Street School

Even Swindon Infants School, Hughes Street

ID Number – 455.33

Image No – img847

Subject – Even Swindon Infants School

Date – 2005

Donor – RogersStan

Street – Hughes Street

School – Even Swindon Infants School

Location – Playground on North Side of Building

Additional Info – The original Infants school building can be seen on the right with the Junior school building on the left. When the new Junior School was built in 1997 at the end of Morrison Street the Infants pupils moved into the vacated classrooms of the old Junior School. After the extension to the new Junior School was completed in 2007 the school was renamed Even Swindon Primary School and the old buildings were vacated. To date in 2010 the buildings are being used by several voluntary organisations but it is feared that this will not be a permanent arrangement and fears have been expressed for the buildings as they are not listed.

Even Swindon School “March of Time”, The Future

ID Number – 455.54

Image No – img178

Subject – Even Swindon School “March of Time” –  The Future

Date – 1997

Donor – RogersStan

Street – Morrison Street

Location – Morrison Street/Hughes Street Junction

School – Even Swindon (ES)

View from the back garden, Sewage Farm Cottages

ID Number – 455.27a

Image No – img028

Subject – Sewage Farm Cottages

Date – 2005

Donor – RogersStan

House No/Name – 5

Street – Barnfield Close

Location – Back Garden

Additional Info – This was the original front garden of the cottages. Even Swindon Junior School roof can be seen on the right and Mannington Park estate on the left.

GWR Plaque, Even Swindon Junior School

ID Number – 455.121

Image No – DSCI0020

Subject – GWR Plaque

Date – 2007

Donor – RogersStan

Street – Morrison Street

School – Even Swindon Junior School

Location – Playground

Additonal Info – This was the Garter Crest of the Great Western Railway Company Circa 1890. The plaque was presented to the Junior School by the ex Mayor of Thamesdown and ex pupil of Even Swindon School, Ashley Roberts. Holding the plaque is Stan Roger’s wife Joyce during a guided tour round the new Even Swindon Primary School before it was opened.

Even Swindon Primary School, School Sign

ID Number – 455.120

Image No – DSCI0019

Subject – School Sign

Date – 2007

Donor – RogersStan

Street – Morrison Street

School – Even Swindon Primary School

Location – School Grounds

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