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Delcia Appleby nee Worsdell outside the Even Swindon Bakery

ID Number – 382

Image No – img115

Subject – Delcia Appleby nee Worsdell

Date – circa 1952

Donor – ApplebyDelcia

Street – Rose Street & Jennings Street

Location – Junction of Rose Street and Jennings Street

Group Activity – Family Photo

Even Swindon Bakery Ltd  shop & bakehouse in the background. This was known as Castles locally

Gladys Jones, Daughter of Mr Jones owner of the Even Swindon Bakery

Group Photo info – Gladys whose Father was Mr Jones the Baker, married a Mr Millard who owned a public house by Bruce Street Bridge

ID Number – 367

Image No – img995

Subject – Gladys Jones

Date – ?

Donor – CastleMr JE

Street – Outside Rodbourne

Location – L.Maylott Studioes, Farringdon Street Swindon

Mr Jones the Baker on the beach with a friend

Group Photo Info – Mr Jones, on the left, who owned the Even Swindon Bakery  in Rose Street with a friend on the beach

ID Number – 366

Image No – img007

Subject – Mr Jones the Baker

Date – circa 1930s

Donor – CastleMr JE

Street – Outside Rodbourne

Location – Weston Super Mare ?

Group Activity – Not Listed-See Additional Info

Even Swindon Bakery (Castles) Advertisement in St Augustine’s Church Magazine

ID Number – 253.13

Image No – img064

Subject – Even Swindon Bakery Advertisement

Date – 1950

Donor – WalkleyJoyce

Street – Jennings Street

House Number/Name – 40

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