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Cast of the Blind Beggar School Play, Even Swindon School

Group Photo Info – Back Row – L/R : Mary Berry, Susan Turner, Maureen Baycroft, Beryl Maisey, Christine Gail, Glenys Baycroft, Loraine Peart, Jean Holder, Joy, Weaving & Elizabeth Morgan.

3rd Row – L/R: Patricia McCleary, Josie Titcombe, Sandra Marron, Doreen Hall, Lynda Lucker, Christine Godsell, Patricia Woodward, Lee Gunter, Beryl Savin & Christine Meadows.

2nd Row – L/R: Christopher Webber, David Crocker, Victor Clements, Leslie Watts, Geoff Davis, ? & Roy English.

Front Row – L/R: Richard Goodchild, David Richardson, Colin Sutton, Geoff Fletcher, Maurice Lampard, Martin Bennett, Michael Wicks & Kenneth Selby.

ID Number – 1275

Image No – img643

Subject – Cast of Blind Beggar School Play

Date – 23rd March 1956

Donor – WarburtonBeryl

Street – Rodbourne Road

Location – St Augustine’s Church Hall

School – Even Swindon Junior School

4 Responses to “Cast of the Blind Beggar School Play, Even Swindon School”

  • Pat Harris nee Kaye:

    This is a great photo I know all the names and faces cant think where I might have been as I was in this class at school !!

  • richard goodchild:

    My son, Daniel, emailed me this photo to remind me, I think, that I really was once young. I live on Tyneside with my Geordie wife and kids. Thanks for the memory!

  • Loraine Peare NOT Peart

    2nd row ? Geoffrey Longster lived at Winnings Stores Rodbourne Road

    Front row ? Colin Sutton

    3rd row Luker not Lucker?

  • I recently visited the GWR Museum and it led me to some research. The unnamed lad in the front row was called Colin Sutton

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