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Morris Street Working Mens Club, Retired Members Outing.

Group Photo info – ? Charles Hazell, Alec Newman (whose Mother-in-Law Mrs Wiltshire owned a Sweet Shop in Deburgh Street) others unknown

ID Number – 114

Image No – img114

Subject – Morris Street Working Mens Club, Retired Members Outing.

Date – ?

Donor – HazellAlan

Street – Outside Rodbourne

Location – ?

Group Activity – Club Photo

Leisure – Outing

Pub/Club – Morris Street Club

3 Responses to “Morris Street Working Mens Club, Retired Members Outing.”

  • Jeremy WILKS:

    The man with the big white moustache isn’t that Mr Arrowsmith of Arrowsmith’s haberdashery in Rodbourne Rd near to Witts’s paper shop.
    Just along from Jackson’s shop above which my Grandmother Annie Walker Nee Evans was born.

  • Alan Hazell:

    The man with the white moustache is definitely Alec Newman who worked as senior foreman Electrician in the Railway Works.
    His son, Brian Newman, was also a Foreman in the Works, he was a coach builder and married to my sister Sheila Hazell, who is still resident in their family home in Wroughton.
    He also had a daughter who is still resident in Deburgh Street.
    His mother-in-law, Mrs Wiltshire, used to own the corner shop in Deburgh Street.
    The Newman family moved from Rodbourne and settled in Woodside Avenue (off Upham Road)

  • Front left Tom (Taffy) Peare, cab driver lived 8 Percy Street and Mrs Thorpes old shop on corner of Percy Street/Morrison Street

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