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Even Swindon Working Mens Club Outing to Heathrow Airport

Group Photo info – From right; Jim Davis, Charlie Penny, Arthur Hedges, John Hedges & Ron Hedges.
Others unknown.

ID Number – 221

Image No – img195

Subject – On the Airport Terminal Roof

Date – ?

Donor – HedgesPeter

Street – Percy Street

Location – Heathrow Airport

Group Activity – Club Photo

Leisure – Outing

Pub/Club – Even Swindon Working Mens Club

4 Responses to “Even Swindon Working Mens Club Outing to Heathrow Airport”

  • Excellent post. I will certainly be returning to read more.

  • gordy:

    I have been sent this information by Peter Donovan :

    Your photograph is of people on the viewing area on the Queens Building, which was opened by the Queen,in December 1955. At this time we are dealing with London Airport, the name Heathrow was not adopted officially, until mid 1958.
    Clearly visible in the right background are the British European Airways hangars, built when BEA and others moved from Northolt to LAP.
    Before the central area was developed, I remember the time when the only building in the centre of the aerodrome was the Fairey Aviation hangar, built just south west of Cains Lane, at the junction of the lane leading to where Heath Row village had stood.
    Before the central area was developed, a public viewing are, existed on the north side of the airport on the north side of the northern taxiway. You could virtually touch the aircraft as they went past. When the tunnel was completed and the central area opened up, the public viewing area was on the left as you left the tunnel. Pleasure flights, flown by an ex. ATA girl were available in a DH Rapide. With work &c., I stopped visiting London Airport in the late summer of 1957. The ground level viewing area was still open, so your photo is almost certainly post 1957.

  • Alan Blake:

    Hello my name is Alan Blake and I am the great grandson of W.G.Blake, I live in Bournemouth . I would like to ask Gordy if he has any more information about W.G.Blake , my grandfather was Fred Blake, my father was Norman Blake. I look foward to hearing from you . Thank You Alan Blake.

  • Jean Knox:

    Ref. the photograph taken on the viewing terrace at London Airport (Even Swindon Working Men’s Club outing) the other two men in the picture are Jim Davis (my brother-in-law) and Charlie Penny (my father).

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