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Terminus Fish Bar with Yelton Sweet Shop

ID Number – 035

Image No – img262

Subject – Terminus Fish Bar with Yelton Sweet Shop

Date – circa 1940

Donor – HarrisMrAF

Street – Rodbourne Road

House Number/Name – 128/127

Location – 128/127 Rodbourne Road

Shop – Terminus Fish Bar (Fish Shop) and Yelton Sweet Shop

4 Responses to “Terminus Fish Bar with Yelton Sweet Shop”

  • Alan Hazell:

    The door to the left ofthe picture was McGuiness’s shoe and boot repair shop

  • gordy:

    Hi Alan,
    We have 129, Rodbourne Rd as Fredrick Adams-Boot & Shoe Repairer in the 1939 Business Directory. We are currently checking all the business directories but I think there were none issued during the war years. We will check when McGuiness,s was in ocupation but thanks for the info.

  • Alan Hazell:

    Mr McGuiness lived in Morrison Street I believe, and he was in business as a Shoe and Boot Repairer (Snob) in this shop in Rodbourne Road around about the late 1940’s early 50,s. He also had a daughter, Diane, who I went to school with.

  • Anyone ever wonder how The Yelton Sweet Shop was so named ? At the time of the photo it belonged to Mr and Mrs Notley and their daughters Monica and Sheila often helped in the shop. YELTON was NOTLEY spelt backwards ! Now you know !

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