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Reg Maisey with his sons on Alan Maisey’s Wedding Day

Group Photo Info – L/R – Reg Maisey, Alan Maisey, George Maisey & Dave Maisey

ID Number – 1274

Image No – img641

Subject – Wedding Photo

Date – circa 1963

Donor – WarburtonBeryl

Street – Montagu Street

Location –  Outside St Augustine’s Vicarage

Additional Info – Dave is in the uniform of a private in the  Royal Lancers.  Later he was promoted to Corporal (see ID 1272)

Bridesmaids Margaret Price & Beryl Maisey

ID Number – 1269

Image No – img631

Subject – Margaret Price & Beryl Maisey

Date – ?

Donor – WarburtonBeryl

Street – Summers Street

Location – St Augustine’s Church

Additional Info – Margaret Price lived in Deburgh Street and Margaret and Beryl were bridesmaids at Pauline Hollick’s Wedding

Sergeant Ken Sturmey’s Marriage Entry

ID Number – 1468

Image No – img1784

Subject – Sgt Ken Sturmey’s Marriage

Date – 1944

Donor – AllenSandra

Street – Summers Street

Location – St Augustine’s Church

Additional Information – This is the entry of Ken & Doris’s marriage into the St Augustine’s Marriage Register. The Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre has kindly allowed us to copy this document. Their ref. is :- 2408-12 Page 57. For a photo of the wedding please click on ID 1087.

Looking at the date of the marriage this seems to be when Ken had returned to England after taking part in “Operation Houndsworth” in the Morvan district of Central France.

Ken Sturmey’s Funeral Notice

ID Number – 1467

Image No – img1783

Subject – Ken Sturmey’s Funeral Notice

Date – 1994

Donor – AllenSandra

Street – Summers Street

Location – St Augustine’s Church

Sheila Hazell’s Wedding

Group Photo info – Back Row Moira Grey, Dennis Wiltshire, Brian Newman, Sheila Newman nee Hazell, Pat Newman

Front Row Gary Hazell, Diana Millroy

ID Number – 102

Image No – img102

Subject – Wedding Photo

Date – circa 1965

Donor – HazellAllen

Street – Summers Street

Location – St Augustine’s Church

Short History of Rodbourne Road Methodist Church by Brenda Hedges nee Berry

The first service was conducted in the open air on May 11th 1879. Marc Watts of 5, Windsor Terrace and John Curtis also held meetings in their homes. Special services were held in Whiteman’s cart shed. The church was formed in 1882 with 7 members. As the need for a permanent site became obvious a field was purchased for £30. The first chapel for the “Primitive Methodists”, later known as the ‘Schoolroom’, was built at a cost of £321 and dedicated in 1884. To meet the needs of the area and the continued growth the larger church was built in 1900 at a total cost of £1479.

During the Second World War the old school room was used by the Ministry of War

and in consequence groups such as the Christian endeavor held their meetings in the Baptist Chapel now the Iris Redmund Gardens sheltered housing complex the other side of Bruce street bridges.

The foundation stone for a New Church Hall was laid by Alderman F.E.Ackers on Saturday, August 31st 1957. The occasion included a tea costing 1 shilling and 3 pence. The building was officially opened by Counsellor H Diment, the Mayor of Swindon, on March 22nd 1958. This too was followed by a tea.

By the turn of the century the church was in a poor structural condition and it was agreed that the building should be pulled down and the New Hall be refurbished to a church building to accommodate the current needs. The last service was held on January 5th 2003.  Mrs. Jones Allen was the preacher. The work was scheduled to start on 13 January 2003. The building was reduced to rubble and where the church stood is now a car park. When the work was complete the small dedicated congregation paired the building for its reopening. With all the cleaning done, everything back in place, the project was complete. This service of rededication of the newly reordered premises was held on June 8th 2003 at 3pm. The service was conducted by the minister Rev Janet Evans and the preacher was the Superintendent Minister Rev Derek Collins. Members from Rodbourne, St Andrews Moredon, Tony Attwood and members from St Augustine’s, representatives from the architects and Redstone construction all made contributions to the service. In true Rodbourne attrition the service was followed by most enjoyable tea. The building is an attractive one, it easier to maintain and less costly to run. The windows designed by Alex Mulhall and the gardens surrounding the entrance and car park had to its attraction.

Rear of Shaftesbury Centre, Morris Street Car Park


ID Number – 448

Image No – IMG_0452

Subject – Shatesbury Centre

Date – 1954

Donor – RogersStan

Street – Morris Street

Location – Morris Street Car Park

Additional Info – You can see the rear of the old Percy Street Wesleyan Chapel on the left with pitched roof,  the later large glass fronted extension further right was built for Radio Rentals and called Relay House. Two houses and the original “tin” Percy Street Chapel were demolished to accomodate this. We believe that Radio Relay which had premises in Victoria Street and originally had a cable network for radio that was later utilized for TV, moved into the old chapel. Radio Relay was then taken over by Radio Rentals who hired TV sets. During this period Relay House was built. Thorn EMI then bought out Radio Rentals & moved the business elswhere. Now the building, called the Shatesbury Centre  is occupied by a number of Charities and Voluntary Organizations.

Wedding of Sergeant Ken Sturmey, SAS Regiment

ID Number – 1087

Image No – img605

Subject – Ken with his bride Doris Irene Jefferies

Date – 1944

Donor – ShepherdHazel

Street – Summers Street

Location – Entrance to church

Church/Chapel – St Augustines Church

War – 2nd World War

Group Activity – Wedding Photo

Additional Info – Doris lived at 194, Rodbourne Road and Ken was from Moredon. The wedding reception was at the Rodbourne Road Working Men’s Club (Monkey Club) where Doris’s father spent most of his spare time. They were both sweethearts before the war and later lived at the bottom of Morris Street until their deaths. Both had funeral services at St Augustine’s Church. Ken’s Army career started in the Wiltshire Regiment at 19 but he volunteered for the SAS and the family never saw him for four years until just before his wedding.

Cyril Mathews Wedding

Group Photo info – 2nd Girl from left (front row) Sheila Hazell, Cyril Mathews, Hazel Keefe (Bride) to her left Lillian Keefe, to her left and slightly behind: St Helena Keefe (Aunty Sent) to her left and slightly behind Jock Dunbar, others unknown.

ID Number – 104

Image No – img104

Subject – Cyril Mathews Wedding

Date – ?

Donor – HazellAllen

Street – Summers Street

Location – St Augustines Church

Church/Chapel – St Augustines Church

Group Activity – Wedding Photo

Rodbourne Playgroup’s Queens Jubilee Celebrations


Group Photo info – 2nd from left, Paul Nesbitt, 3rd Ian Appleby, Others unknown

ID Number – 391

Image No – img125

Subject – Queens Jubilee Celebrations

Date – 1977

Donor – ApplebyDelcia

Street – Hughes Street

Location – Even Swindon School Playground

Group Activity – Royal Celebration Tea Party

Playgroup – Rodbourne Playgroup

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